What Are Google Panda and Penguin Penalties?

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In my previous post we have discussed on what are Google Panda and Google Penguin. We have discussed why are these animals launched on the web. Today we will learn about What is Google Panda and Penguin penalty. These were created to filter out the spam and low quality websites. In this post we will also learn about why blogs are effected by these animals. 

These updates are born for punishing spam sites. There are many reasons why people were hit by these updates. Maybe your site is the next lunch for these animals. 

Sites effected by these updates get demoted in their PageRank, and their traffic is lost. Well if you loose traffic, your earning will be reduced. So better make your site good or else it will no more be on the top or even no more in the web.

 Why are people effected by these updates.

There are many reasons for this. But Google knows the main reasons for thi.  But Google won't disclose them as the people will cheat Google by knowing the factors that effect. However these are some causes:

Copied content: It is easy to copy content as it reduces your time, and makes you blog more big. But Google doesn't like the same content on many blog. so to be safe avoid copying content, try developing instead. 

Bounce Rate: Make your blog look and load perfectly. Having unwanted pop0up ads, banners, widgets etc. which makes your blog load slower makes your readers go away from your blog. This means they hate your blog, and if they do hate your blog then so does Google. 

Over optimization: If you have good content then you don't need to say it. But some people do not have any quality in their content but just over optimize their blog to get to the top. And the aim of these updates are to take action against these sites.

These are some tips to keep away from these cute and cruel animals and rest everything is in your hand. We will discuss more on how to avoid these animals. Kindly comment your suggestions and opinions. Happy Blogging nd don't forget to share.
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