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Music player for blogger

Recently I have posted "Free MP3 Music Player For Blogger" But in today's post the Title is some what same but the player is very cuter and smaller than the earlier one. Adding a music player to your blog is quite cool as it makes the reader's attraction towards your blog. But you should make sure that a music player is not set to auto-play as it makes your readers run away from your blog. Music is a thing that makes a persons mind Cool, Good, Hot, Irritate etc. as per the music genre. So hope you all know what type of music you should embed to make your blog visitor's mind cool and make them keep on coming to your blog daily. You can also change the music everyday to make sure that your blog visitors are not getting bored. So lets get on to the post with a cool mind. The music should be playing on this blog (if not please complaint).


The mp3 player is flash based, with simple code that wont make any change in your blog's load time. All you need to do is to set couple of options like auto play back, loop settings, buttons styling etc.

You could always choose from the 4 different buttons sizes and colors (white or black). In case you wish to upload your own button image, its possible too. So there are bunch of features that makes this mp3 audio player easy to use. Just click on this link to go to the site.

UPDATE: This may take few seconds to buffer the mp3 file.

Congrats you have added a cool music player to your blog. Happy Blogging. Subscribe for more cool tutorials from us. 


Anonymous said... March 24, 2012

I like the new look of thehtml5 video player Player is faster is better and my slow computer with crappy video card will not got slow anymore, nice job you guys!

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