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Blogger has recently announced an amazing Wordpress like feature of tailing comment system to all official BlogSpot templates. Blogger now supports threaded commenting. Your readers can now easily interact with more freedom and flexibility while leaving replies or posting comments. Normal Comments and Comment replies can easily be differentiated from each other. Previously we often used the traditional method of using the @ symbol to point to a specific commentator.

Luckily Blogger team has gifted us with many extra ordinary big changes over the past one year. This latest development of threaded comment system is only available for Official blogger templates which includes Blogger Dynamic views. Now lets see how it works:

How to enable Threaded Comment in Blogger?

You just need to enable two options:
Set FEED to Full

  1. Go To Blogger > Settings > Site Feeds
  2. Set Allow Blog Feed To Full
blogger threaded commenting
    3.   Hit save

Embedded Comments
You must emebede comments below posts as you can see in our blog. The comments are visible just below posts and you don't need to click a link for comments to popup. I am sure most of you are uising emebedded comments but for those who aren't please do this:

  1. Go To Blogger > Settings > comments
  2. Choose "Embedded below posts"
embedded comment system

3. Hit Save

All done! You must see now a reply link below each comment posted. Clicking this link will allow you to reply to a specific comment.  Enjoy this excellent new feature. For more new updates subscribe to our posts. Happy Blogging :)


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