Replace Older Newer Links In Blogger With Images

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Today we are going to replace the 'older', 'newer' and 'home' links with your custom images. As the pager (older, newer) links look ugly we are going to replace them with rocking images, that will spice up your blog. You can download different sets of icons from different stock websites.

Replace This In Blogger

1. Goto Blogger >> Template.
2. Back-up your template.
3. Click 'Edit HTML'
4. Check the expand widget templates box at the top right.
5. Then search for-
    Replace it with below code-
6. Now search for this
    Replace it with below code-
<img src="URL-OF-NEXT-BUTTON"/>
7. And search for-
    Replace it with-
<img src="URL-OF-HOME-BUTTON"/>
                  With your image url.

Share and enjoy. Happy Blogging.
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