How To Redirect A Page/Post In Blogger?

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Blogger Tricks, Blogger Templates, HTML RedirectAfter my previous post. Today I am here with a great post on redirecting your Blogs "Page/Post" to another "url". You may be wondering why should you use this in blogger, how will it be helpful to you? Suppose, one day you are editing a post on your blog. Then you should add the HTML REDIRECT to that particular page to redirect that "PAGE/POST" to another "POST" showing SORRY message. This REDIRECT can also be used if you have placed some ads on your blog. You may like to see the DEMO of this first.


There isn't a large way or code to do this, simply follow me-

1. Go to the post you want to redirect.
2. Click on the "EDIT HTML" button.
3. You will find many HTML tags etc. above them all paste the below code-
<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="5; url=">

1. In the line content="5; replace the five with the number of seconds of delay 
    to redirect the page.
2. In the line url=">  change our blogs url
    with the url you want to redirect your page to. 

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Nice Post Thanks, Good to know this kinda info


You are welcome freind!

Thanks- this was the best, most effective code for refreshing I've found.


Welcome Keir.

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