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Want more traffic? Then get more traffic for free, tag your pictures. We all know exactly what is Google Images, it searches for quality images related to the search and if you add tags to your pictures your image may be at the first ten images in Google Image Search. In our daily life we add many pictures in our posts to make our readers understand it clearly. But no search engine can view/study a picture so we need to say what the image is, means we need to tag the images. A large percent of traffic comes from Image Searches. In this post we will be learning how to tag pictures.


It is just a HTML code which tells the search engines what the pictures is about. Here you must define it with the best suitable keywords, to make a lot from it. Here is an example of simple HTML code-
<img src="IMAGE LINK" />
By adding the above HTML code anywhere in your template/html editor/post you can add an image to your blog. But when Search Robots crawls your blog they cannot know what the image is about, so they just ignore the image. But by adding the alt tag (Tagging Images) the search robots know what the image is about. Here is the simple code for alt tag:

<img src="IMAGE LINK" alt="Blogger Tricks" />
You can see a highlighted text in the above code. This code tells the search robots what is your pictures about. In the above example it shows that the pictures is about "Blogger Tricks" . You can just paste the above code into your blog and replace the "IMAGE LINK" with your image URL and "Blogger Tricks" with your description.

You will rock. Enjoy blogging, any suggestions will be appreciated.


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