Why Should You Join Bloggers?

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By joining the bloggers network you can drive fair amount of traffic to your blog. This is a place where you submit your blog and get votes from other bloggers, you can also meet millions of new bloggers of your niche and others. And also all of your posts are posted in it. So we will be learning how to join bloggers and how to use it wisely to get good traffic from it!

  1. Sign up  to bloggers by Clicking here
  2. Fill up the simple instructions by keeping these tips in mind:
  • Keep your Blog title as short and attractive as possible. Use no more than 4 words
  • Keep Blog description the same that you have used in your Meta Description
  • Use Sensible Tags/Labels that may describe your entire blog content
  • When asked to verify your blog by adding the Directories Badge then choose the link version instead of the logo one.
   3.   Once you have submitted your blog, then verify it by adding their logo
         to your blog
   4.   It will start appearing in the search page of Bloggers Directory once it is
   5.   Add a good quality thumbnail image of your blog. Use an image with
         100px by 100px in size. This will produce a full size quality thumbnail.
   6.   Done!

This is how you can expect more traffic from this directory, so sign up now and get the maximum. Subscribe to us for more cool tips and tricks. Feel free to comment. Happy Blogging!


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