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This is a company which rewards your readers for visiting your blog, liking your blog's page or tweeting or +1ing about your blog. Users can unlock badges for doing these activities. Users also win points for liking, tweeting, visiting, +1ing and commenting. This makes your readers visit your blog again and again inorder to gain more points and badges. Your readers will have a good competition in earning points. They can redeem their points, whenever they reach a particular stage with some good amount of points. This ofcourse promotes your blog and for promoting your blog, your readers get their   rewards.So lets install Punch Tab on our blogs.

How to install Punch Tab on Blogger?

1. Go to PunchTab and register.
2. Login to your account.
3. You will be taken to your dashboard.
4. Click on achievement program(on the main menu).
5. Choose a platform.(Click on the blogger icon).
6. Choose the position of Badges on your blog.
7. Then click on Install Achievement Program button.
8. Now install its widget on your blog.a
9. After you install the widget, you will see the badges on your blog.
10. Click on the badges banner, and register through facebook.
11. You are ready to earn points.

So today we have learned what is PunchTab and how to install it on your blog.
In future we will go more on it. Till then keep attached to Blogger Tricks Hut. Happy Blogging. Don't forget to subscribe and share.(To earn points :) )


I’m seriously happy to discover this great site the future of this blog is getting good and more useful for me thanks and god bless you.
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