What are Google Panda and Google Penguin Penalty?

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We all know that Google is the worlds largest site. It is updating its search functions regularly. We have seen many changes in Google in last few years. We have seen the dreaded Panda update into the world. But nowadays everyone is talking about the new Google Penguin update, that came onto the world. Now the Panda and the Penguin are hunting for spam/low quality blogs. So now lets discuss more on how will these cute animals effect websites.

Why these updates?

As the most trusted sites, Google is now targeting quality. This is all about Quality and SEO. When Google was a baby and SEO was born, people started to learn SEO instead of writing quality blogs/sites. Think of it, its true. This is just like, you don't have anything but you claim to have it. In the sense you have a blog with low quality/no quality posts, but you are in the top of the web. This is just like skipping your work, by cheap tricks.

Although Google is trying the most to keep these people out. But they learned to dodge and fight with Google. This kills the aim of Google, the ultimate goal of Google is to provide quality content to the readers (not the content that says it is a quality one). The people who work hard on developing quality content are at the back and the dumb websites with some tricks are on the top of SERPs.  This is what every-person and Google too hates. So at last Google came to a decision of creating an advanced filter which will only let the quality content in and rest all out.

In the process of making these advanced filters Google Panda was born last year. It was most dangerous animal on the web. After the last year, the Google Penguin update is the update of this year. Although it was born few days back, it injured many of the sites in the web. 

About Google Panda

Google has given birth to a little panda on 24th February 2011. It was like an earthquake for the web. It effected many of the blogs and websites and totally changed the shapes of their ranking. Google made the effect change or 13 times, the last update was 20th April 2012 and about 12% of the web was shaken by a huge jump of this panda.

About Google Penguin

This baby was born on 24th April 2012. As a brother of Google Panda it has effected almost 3% of the websites. This animal hates, Spam, Low Quality And Fake SEO.

So this was about Google Panda and Google Penguin. In our next post we will move on to the penalties given by the cute animals. And later on we will be posting on how to get rid of these animals. For now bye. Take care. Happy Blogging! Please comment and Share.


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