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Having a contact form is necessary every blog. Contact form makes your readers contact you easily. Having a contact form does not disclose your email id. We have many services which offer free contact forms. We just think that they give us free contact form, of course they do but with some limitations like - 100 submissions per month, limited number of forms etc. but there is a form service which never stops you, even if you make 100's of forms with unlimited submissions, the FoxyForm. You don't need to sign up too. This was the best service I have ever used.


1. Many labels.
2. Required field option.
3. Selective labels.
4. Customize background color
5. Customize font size
6. Customize font color
7. Eight in built fonts.
8. Anti Spam protection


1. Single design
2. Cannot change label titles

Don't go on disadvantages, as free is always free only. And do not remove the footer as they offer us a free contact form, for just a small favor. So create your form now. Go to Www.FoxyForm.Com . Happy blogging. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


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