Disadvantages Of Slow Blog

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We all know that blog load time affects the blog traffic. A blog which loads in less time increase blog traffic, visitors and subscribers. We all know that more traffic we have the more we earn. Why does the blog load time effect blog readers? Not every visitor of your blog has a standard high speed internet connection, LAN or WI-Fi. If you have a high speed internet and you think that your blog loads very fast then you need to change your thought because having a fast blog on high speed internet is not a great thing because in day-to-days life many people use smartphones, and that is their life. They use internet, play games, and use Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus and do blogging. There are many people blogging with smartphones and we know that internet on every phone is not fast. So you need to make your blog load faster in all the Operating systems with quite good browser compatibility.

Why Good Load Time?
People come to your blog for the information you provide on your blog. But as mentioned above every visitor won’t have a good internet connection. So if they visit your blog, and your blog won’t load faster they may stop reading your blog and may be shift to your competitor’s blog which has a good load time. So more chances of increasing bounce rate.  Increasing bounce rate simply means decreasing blog traffic or page views. Decreasing page views means damaging your blogs search engine ranking and page rank. Many people like to visit your blog through mobiles; smartphones etc. and we know some of those have a very poor internet connection, so some of your daily visitors visiting from computer and now are using mobile Internets would like to stop reading your blog. And most important of all is a big hole to your revenue cause less visitors then less page views, no page views then no click, less clicks then less revenue.

Some Ending Text!

So you would have understood the disadvantages of slow blog . But problems are there to sort out. Of course we should have a good template designed but we should also make the design faster, if you have just a good design and lots of stuff  this post exactly tells what is going to be with you and if you have a good load time with ugly template it would really not be attractive. So we should make our template both beautiful plus fast. For doing this I will be back with cool tips to make your blog fast with the design you like. Happy blogging.


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