Dos And Don'ts For a Blogger

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Dos and don'ts for a blogger. This post tells what exactly a blogger should do or avoid to make his/her blog a successful blog. Try to follow this post, before publishing your next post! use images: As I have explained few days back. You should use images to make your blog attractive. Images also include icons etc. These all give entertainment and grabs your readers attention. Adding images also makes people understand more  clearly.

Don't write  too much: I do get asleep when reading a long story. Similarly, when I do read a long post on blogs. So please write short posts, this means include the thing you are describing in short. Well as a blogger your post must be at least 300 words.

Don't forget comments: Get involved, if someone comments on your blog, then first of all thank them. If they are asking some question, then please answer them. Make them believe that you are available to answer them.

Do break your post: Well, if you are describing a thing which can only be described in long. Then you must break it up. So that people will understand everything and do not just neglect to read your post.

Do blog often: Do not have time? Atleast try posting 3 articles per week to maintain your blog. The more content you have the more traffic you get. The more traffic you get the more chances of earning.

Don't be boring: A matter to be minded, who will read boring posts? If you are out of Ideas, then try to be funny or try getting help from your readers, friends. And do follow other blogs.

Follow all the above be a king! Also follow Blogger Tricks Hut for more articles like this, to become an Emperor! Happy Blogging! Please leave your comments!


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