How To Choose Your Blog Niche

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The first thing every blogger must do, is choosing niche. What is niche? Niche is the theme of your blog, not the template. Theme here means what is your blog about or what are you blogging about. Making a blog is a very easy task with the growing technology, now writing blog posts is also not a great work. But after making and before posting your must do some things - choosing your niche.

If you have posted on Blogging, the other day on Music and the other day on Dance. I am sure no body will be wanting to read your blog. The reason behind this is a question that must be answered by yourself: "Why should they read your blog?". In this tutorial we will go more deep into this topic.

1. Trending Niche:

Find out what most of the people are blogging and how many people are reading them. Get inspired by a great blog and make your blog up to that great blog. Think of this: If your blog is based on the world's most popular niche, then your blog will ofcourse be popular soon. 

2. What do you like?

This question is for you. If you are a blogger then of-course you will be blogging on the thing you are good at and the thing you like. Think of what you are good at, for example: If you are a computer engineering student you might have a good knowledge in computers, hence you can post good articles on computers. Similarly a school guy also must have some knowledge about studies, sports, school tips etc. So be your self.

3. Don't know what to blog?

Above paragraph says blog on the topic you like or have good knowledge about it. But what if you like a topic which is the most trending one and you don't have any idea about it. Then you must read and follow some popular blogs on that niche. Seek information from the blogs. Know what they are posting. If you are very new, then you are free to re-write (not copy) the topics with the permission of the author.

4. Mistakes to be avoided!

Many people go on to the topics like: Music, videos, movies etc. Some people distribute copyrighted articles etc. Some people directly copy articles from popular sites like Wikipedia etc. Please avoid doing this, cause this might lead to the banning of your sweet blog.

Story of Songs.Pk
This is a popular songs site of Bollywood songs. This site was the larges t music site with thousands of collections. This site posted all music songs of newly released movies of Hindi. This site got more and more popular and was earning well. But few days ago, I saw it was banned. I searched for the reason and got the answer: "A case was filed in high court for distributing copyright articles."

This story is for the bloggers who don't blog but just copy. Be careful, maybe next is your turn to close your blog. 

This is how blog niche is important and the tips to choose the better one. Will be posting on more such articles. So stay tuned to blogger tricks hut.


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