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Coming for beginners, every person wants to earn money. And if you are new to blogging, then you need to thing of answers of some questions. A blog currently earning much money, was once started without a penny. And if you too want to earn the amount of money the great blogs earn, then you must work hard on your blog. Most of the beginner bloggers do this mistake, even I was one of them. Think of why should you get money if you have not done anything great.

When I started my first blog, I was 9 years old, I copied content directly from blogs and applied for Adsense, see how foolish I was. I was not successful in getting Adsense. So I paid about $10 and bought an Adsense account, which got banned after 10 days. I came to know that not only me there are many other bloggers who are of ages 20+ were also doing this mistake. Then I came to know my fault and started this blog, which is now growing bigger and popular. Here are some tips for you:

1. Your Niche:

Picking your niche is one of the biggest matter, as posting anything you wish will not do. If you have a blog then you must post on the that particular topic only. Like our blog "Blogger Tricks Hut"'s niche is "Blogger Tricks". Similarly if you have a blog on music, then only post on music. Do not mix up music with tricks, computers etc. This means your blog is full of mess. And as you know people won't like mess.

2. Original:

You are new that doesn't mean that you will copy others. If you are very new and want some reference then you must follow some blogs related to your niche. After reading some popular posts on their blog's you can get the basics of how should you be blogging to be like the great ones. Instead of copying you can re-write content from their blogs. 

3. Quality:

Writing quality content. This is the very main thing for a new blogger. Posting quality content tells the readers that what your blog is and will be coming to you for more quality posts. Posting frequently also describes the quality of your blog. The more you post the more people you will get to read your blogs. Which makes more page impressions. 

4. Attract:

Attracting blog readers is most difficult task, but is not an impossible task. It is said that first impression is the last impression. If your blog is good while it is started, it will be given a good impression, if your blog is boring at the starting then it might take some weeks or even months to get the attention of your blog again. The only solution for attracting more people is follow all the above steps, and Blogger Tricks Hut :D . 

If you are really new to blogging then you must follow these steps. Keep blogging. Happy blogging.


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