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A social networking site Facebook started for chatting, viewing pictures etc. Few days later used for other purposes, present time more than social networking. We all are aware of Facebook and the number of users it has. We also have many tutorials on "How to get traffic from Facebook" etc. but now we are not going on Facebook Pages nor on Profiles. We are now attacking the Facebook groups. Which will definitely bring you a good amount of traffic. 
I just found this few days back, some people were posting links on open groups of Facebook, so I too was going to start posting links on open groups, but the people using the groups did not like the links they posted, so I dropped off the idea. After few days, I came to know about the groups in which people only post links to their blog. I was amazed to see that, and got a new way of traffic. Lets discuss deep.

Here are some words on Facebook groups and their uses-

1. No one crying:

The groups I explained above, do not have any person who are not aware of Blogging. These groups are only for the people who own a blog and can post their blog post link freely without any objection. These are also open groups but only for Blogger's, not like other open groups which disallow you to post your links.

2. New blogs, new friends:

As these blogs have many links to many blogs, you can find many interesting blogs over the world, some may be related to your niche. You can ask Ideas about your next post, or how should you improve your blog etc. In this way you can explore new blogs and fine new friends who can help you in blogging.

3. Massive traffic:

You can earn a lot of traffic from these groups, as everyone viewing the group may be interested to click on your blog. And if you post every link of your blog there will be nothing more better as you can get daily readers/visitors. This is something like free advertising of your blog.

Where can we find these types of groups?
This is a common question. Of course you will find them on Facebook :D.
Well I am listing some names and links here:
You can find more by yourself. Take care good bye, keep reading more articles on Blogger Tricks Hut. Happy Blogging.


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