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While you are a part time blogger, then the biggest problem is time. While we blog, we need to write good articles which needs much time. But still we can manage to do, but after posting on your blog and again on social networks is very big deal. So to make it easy I am going to introduce an application that posts all your blog posts onto your Facebook Timeline and your fan page's timeline. Using this saves most of the time. While you publish your post on your blog, the app publishes a link to the post you have published. And we all know how publishing links on our blog's fan page affects the traffic. So to make our work convenient lets get on to RSS Graffiti.

What is RSS Graffiti?

RSS Graffiti is an app on Facebook, this is a free application that posts all your blog posts to your Facebook Fan Page's timeline and your profile timeline. Not only your blog posts but also your Twitter Updates, YouTube Videos and many other. You can use RSS Graffiti absolutely free without any limitations. This is simple and very effective. 

Why should you use RSS Graffiti?

As I have explained the need of time at the starting, this application simply posts all out updates on our timeline which was a really boring manual work and not only boring but also time taking. So RSS Graffiti saves time. Nothing in this world is free, but RSS Graffiti is. You are free to use this super cool app for free. 

How to use RSS Graffiti?

There is nothing to do in this case. This is an application that does not make your work easy but does not give you work at all. This app is automatic, all the work is done by the app.

How to setup RSS Graffiti?

There is nothing great about setting the app, you may just go to the app page and follow the instructions. 


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