Do Not Buy Adsense Accounts!

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Google Adsense account is the most difficult to get. But what if you get it in 12 hours for just $10? There would be nothing better than that. That is the main reason why many blogger's who need adsense accounts fall in trap. There are some people who adsense accounts for $10 or even some sell them for $2 also, they also claim to be working in Google, but they are not. They have some cheap tricks which only act like working but won't really work. We are going to discuss what happens if you buy these and why should not you buy and how to earn it by yourself.

Why is Google selling them?

Adsense itself doesn't sell any accounts. If you are buying an Adsense account then you must be buying from someone else, who is a cheat and running away with your money.

Are they really working in Google?

No, they just attract you. They may be students or some online workers who no cheap tricks of creating fake accounts.

They are genuine?

No, they aren't. They only say that they are giving you the best. But it isn't a real approved account. 

Should you buy?

No, you should never buy an Adsense account as Google is not selling them, you are buying from an internet cheat, who satisfies you with a fake account which will be automatically deleted after some days. 

How to avoid cheaters? 

There is only one way to avoid these ********s, just don't buy any Adsense account from anyone. Try to earn an Adsense do not buy them.

So I guess you got the point of these cheaters, so never buy an Adsense try to earn it. Happy Blogging. 


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