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When it comes to traffic, people think of advertising, as it is the best way to get good amount of instant traffic. But many people stuck there, as advertising isn't free. But now EntryCard has been a solution to the problem of advertising. Entrycard is a site that offers free advertising. This just looks like BSA but is free to use, and anyone can use it. This tutorial is all on the entrycard so go on to the tutorial. 

What is entrycard?
Entry card is a free online advertising company with lakhs of users. This site offers free advertising. This site doesn't cost money at all. 

How free?
Actually there is nothing free on the earth nor on the web. You won't get anything for free, but you need to earn some Entry Credits to advertise your website/blog on other sites. 

What are Entry Credits?
Entry Cards are virtual currency created by Entry Card, which is used to buy and sell your ads.

How to earn Entry Credits?
You can earn Entry Credits by clicking "DROP" button on the Entry Card widget of any blog having an Entry Card widget. 

Any other ways to get Entry Credits?
Yes, there is another way to get Entry Credits, this time you cannot earn them, you need to buy them. You can  buy Entry Credits from Entry Cards site.

How to join Entry Card?
Go to entry card site, and register with all correct information. Add an entry card widget to your blog. Wait for 2-3 days you will get a conformation letter/mail to your registered mail id. 

How to set cost of my ad spot?
That is not in your hands, Entry Card does it for you. Like you drop to earn more EC, if more people will drop on your widget then you can become popular, and if you become popular, Entry Cards will increase the cost of your ad spot.

What will I get if someone advertises on my ad spot?
If people are advertising on your blog, then they must pay Entry Credits, the number of entry credits they pay to Entry Cards, Entry Cards will give you the half of it gets.

This is all about Entry Cards. I have also installed this site's widget on my blog. Don't forget to drop. This site brings a lot of traffic to you. Try using it now. Happy Blogging pals. 


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