How To Make Money With YouTube

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The most important thing on this earth is money. Without money nothing is done. Today's post will not be on blogger but, something related to your blog upgrade. People need money for various things(if you're a blogger, you may need money for buying templates, advertising etc.) so they find different ways to earn money. So many go for making money online it is the simplest and best. But only some be successful on this, because of scams etc. So today's post is on how to make money with YouTube.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is the world's leading online video site, as a product of Google. Now we can earn a lot of money, or some money for filling your pocket through YouTube. This is not a great work to do, but a good thing to earn. You can just upload videos to earn money. 

Why will YouTube pay you money for uploading videos?

YouTube earns money through ads. You may have seen ads on YouTube videos while watching. When you click on those ads, YouTube earns money, as a publisher.

Will I directly get ads on my video? 

No, you need to apply for YouTube Partnership Program

Things needed when applying for YouTube partnership program
-Have own channel
-Number of videos
-Good amount of views

After you have all the above, you can visit YouTube partner page and submit information, then wait for approval. 

This is what the way you can make money with YouTube. Keep in mind be legal. Do not copy. Be safe. Use your money for good things, dont waste it.


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