Using Images And Videos In Blogger Posts!

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Of-course you may be blogging for reasons like - earning money, personal interests etc. but in order to achieve the thing you have started blogging for, your blog must be interesting and should attract more readers. Posting is the main part of blogging, but we should also keep in mind that the tutorials of information you post can be understood by the readers. By adding images and videos to your blog posts, your posts are simplified and easily understood by the readers. If you write 1000 words on your post, but nobody understands it what is the use of the post? Instead you may write 300-400 posts and add an image or video. Lets go more deep-

1. Better understanding

As mentioned above, if you have a post with 1000 words and nobody understands it, what is the use of the post? So adding some videos or images makes them understand the topic clearly, if people visiting your blog, do not understand the long deep paragraphs which you have written there a few questions to ask -
  • Why should they visit your blog? 
  • What are they getting from this?
  • Why should they read the long post, without understanding?
  • Why should they like the blog which doesn't help them.
 So in a small way images and videos help in  better understanding. 

2. Attractive

Being attractive makes a good impression on your blog. Having good graphics make them amazed of the blog. A good post with some best picked images gives a good remark to your blog. 
When I visit some blog/website, I first look at the heading and images, and then decide to weather read the whole topic or leave off. And I am sure there are many people just like me. 
So this is the one which makes your blog attractive and colorful.

3. Convenience

Some people don't at all like to read posts, some think reading such long articles is wastage of time while some do not understand them. So the solution for these kind of people is explaining them without any text. Have some videos on your blog, which make your whole blog post. It is very convenient to your readers as they can understand everything you want to tell them by watching a short video. 

So you got how are images useful in your blog posts. But the problem comes where to get good images, you can get images from Google Images(largest image site) Or if you have your pocket filled then you can buy high quality images from stock sites. Keep blogging, Happy Blogging!


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