How To Write More Blog Posts?

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Don't have more time? Busy with your exams, study, work? Your blog is going down day by day? These are some questions for you, but there are thousands of questions like the above ones. Writing quality posts take much time, but don't make your readers wait for long to view the your next post.

There are many  blogs, of the same niche, getting more readers is most difficult task but loosing them takes no time. This is simple when you have no post for long people find some other blog like yours. But I know you are really helpless at this situation, as blogging is your part time job and others are more important than blogging. Follow these simple steps-

1. Schedule your blog posts:

This is very important and very useful one for every blogger. This feature allows you to schedule your post. This means if you have written a post on Sunday at 5PM  and if you set it to be published on Tuesday 2PM, your post will be published while you are in school/office etc. So in this way, if you are too busy with your work you can write only on off days or leaves and schedule your posts to publish everyday. 

2. Concentrate :

Think if you are writing Exam, would you write listening songs or watching television? Your answer will be no, similarly while writing a post thing that you are in an examination room and writing an essay. So that you will write a good post and have no mistakes in it. 

3. Search:

This is exactly like studying before you write exams, this is really important. Writing exams won't do, scoring good grade matters, so to score good in blogging you mus provide the right information on which you are blogging, so  to avoid mistakes and getting some ideas, refer to other blogs and search on the web. 

4. Make it short:

Think of when you fill your paper with mess, of course your teacher will not like it, similarly while your write really long post with all mess your readers won't like it. This also helps you to get more time for your next post. Make some paragraphs describing about each advantage or disadvantage or anything. Make a paragraph of 4-5 line, so that your readers won't give up reading it.

5. Be up to point!:

I am sure you won't get any marks when write a wrong answer. So make your post up to the topic on which you are blogging, it saves your time, in-fact writing mess wastes your time, but won't get any impression. 

These what are some tips for you from Blogger Tricks Hut, we will be back with some more tricks,tips and tutorials till than stay tuned to Blogger Tricks Hut.


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